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Overcritical Big Secret! NIKE is made to see how the shoes! 2006-11-20 11:47:45 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: Tianjin reported net] Print & nbsp; Close Related newsrecently, Adidas Originals took the lead in exposing the two new NMD_XR1 "Duck Camo" colors that will debut on black Friday. It appears from the official pictures of the two double NMD_XR1 are made of breathable mesh production, and the "Duck Camo" eye-catching patterns throughout the shoe body, with dark blue and pink two colors show, then plastic bracket, echoing the collocation and the outer bottom heel suede and white BOOST was at the end of the. It is reported that these two pairs of NMD_XR1 "Duck Camo" will be officially released on November 25th. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes ASICS Tiger new suede version, GEL-Respector and GT-Cool Xpress shoes, The, Weeknd interpretation, PUMA IGNITE evoKNIT brand new color comments on last article: ASICS Tiger new suede version, GEL-Respector and GT-Cool Xpress shoes next: The Weeknd interpretation PUMA IGNITE evoKNIT new color Air Jordan 4 on the "Green Glow" shoes news, we should have heard earlier. This pair of Air Jordan "Green Glow" in black tone, designers are in the heel, tongue back, shoelace buckle and sole design adding luminous green, even in the night also can not hide its light. Sneakers are priced at $$160, and it's going to be quicker. 89 Preview review last article: suede and canvas joint, Vans Syndicate Chima Pro S shoes next article: Air Jordan 1 Retro '89 White/Cement Grey-Black shoes Preview Cologne said, smiling girl luck is not too bad, but love running girl not only luck is not bad, the body color value is not bad Oh! Today, look at the following these love running female stars, they not only love to laugh love running, but also all are popular queen. Queen 1: Janine Chang - I was born to love the people running Taiwan star Janine Chang, with graceful appearance and guards long legs, is actually "running Master hundred-percent". She participated in 2011 the San Francisco half marathon, running through the 2014 Taipei Marathon, all 10 km road running countless games, has maintained the habit of three times a week to run outside. In the following the bell to adventure "program, always protect the DaZhangWei, not artificial, in addition to reveal a girl looks man heart, also show for many years to love sports accumulated strong stren cheap air jordans gth and good physical quality. Janine Chang will also participate in the upcoming Shanghai semi horse. 2: Queen Ivy Chen -- we all want to live out of Ivy Chen and cheerful a morning run 12 kilometers, dozens of push ups is just a prelude to cycling, skiing, diving, marathon...... As a physical amazing woman, Ivy Chen "spree" image more and more people like. For every day will adhere to the morning run of Ivy Chen, the physical test does not seem so terrible, but feel quite fun. Ivy Chen once said that his body is living in a ready to start the soul, running to her is not only the body's release, but also the soul of the washing. The queen of 3: Selina - wearing my shirt and I will always run on Selina in the unfortunate burn after the incident, running with a strong body, but also a strong mind of their own. To run this, she has said, "life is very wonderful, I was a blessing in disguise, after the injury to know the importance of health and fitness. Injured when the knee is not good, a little move a little pain, but after exercise, muscle can be found to protect the joint." The challenge of the 10 km road race, Selina successfully challenged his first half marathon. After running, she said, "a began to feel tired of running, but in the training process feel the joy of running, today I even 21 km are able to break through the, feeling already did not have the thing to be able to limit me." Running gave her courage and gave her more smiles. queen 4: HEBE-- even if I run very fast HEBE as a spokesperson for Adidas, nature is also a love of sports sister paper. She used to be a member of the school track team! Not only is a good sister to accompany the Selina running, HEBE in life will often run to exercise their own. Although SHE is rarely on the same stage, but the Hebe in business on the upgrade at the same time, Hebe will run through to exercise your body.& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Shen Qiang holding a black bag, through the dim light of the hallway. Since two years ago to join the Shanghai suburb of this mysterious company, he will have a code --- 007 end of the corridor is a small meeting room, the door ajar, which few people are sitting in a chair whispering. This is Shanghai, a commercial research company internal regular meeting two years ago, they and Nike, Adidas signed a contract to assist the crackdown. The Shen Qiang is conducting a "weeding action" goal is a production of fake Nike clothing manufacturers. Network has been opened, and "moth" is everywhere. Secret dispatched origin Shen Qiang Veterans Ombudsman since entering this business, life has been in a very tense mystical state. Achievement "of my income is about 5,000 yuan a month, not including Nike and other companies to fake some of my commission." Shen Qiang is concerned, this work is not paid well, and in a time of stimulation tracking . "I helped Nike, Adidas, Montagut, crocodiles, Chanel have played false, we have become close partners of these ocean giants." Shen Qiang sa Cheap jordans online id. In the past few months, Shen Qiang has been staring at a specialized foreign trade clothing trading company, the boss called Zhang, the company does not legally registered, but have their own websites, in Taobao also has network shop, has sold "Diamond Level" (high transaction credit rating). According to Shen Qiang, Zhang is a big brand fraud, counterfeit Nike clothing there are thousands of pieces of daily turnover, while such transactions are generally completed online, through a logistics company cargo transport and use Alipay transaction. And they never show up on weekdays, never to meet with any small wholesalers getting goods. "Zhang is a wholesaler, in a number of secondary wholesalers below him, above him is the home of many fake plants. They sell clothing Nike and Adidas 'A goods', almost as real, secret way through the network, the market formed a strong interference. "Shen Qiang told reporters. "I have seen the most horrible time frame, that is, when the Guangdong on a fake plant fake Nike, Nike clothes are those who live on the pounds said, getting goods businesses do not see the goods, desperately try to steal those fakes, there are a lot of businesses are driving a truck coming. " Catch contact Shen Qiang and Zhang, he found much more serious impact on the market these fake than he imagined, a Nike sportswear store to sell more than 600 yuan, while that from Zhang side purchase less than 60 yuan, and to be sold on Taobao also only 100 yuan, which greatly affect a lot of regular store sales. fake merchandise obvious impact on the regular. It is reported that P & G to this end an annual loss of about 1.2 billion yuan, Unilever lost more than 3 million Adidas also has nearly 300 million yuan of losses. Therefore, similar to the "weeding action" in many foreign giants crackdown there have been accustomed to. Shen Qiang at the "weeding action" in the role of the northeast in the Sino-Russian trade is a businessman from. Shen Qiang staring "embittered" fraud wholesalers, large scale, have their own independent factories in Guangdong, the country shop supply Nike fakes. Shen Qiang and Zhang through QQ conversation ????, clappers to the 100 products as the kind of goods, like in two or three days to get the goods after, Shen Qiang claimed that the quality is very good, very realistic imitation, proposed to 1000, but Conditions must be on-site inspection, Zhang promised after the hesitation Shen Qiang requirements. In the meeting of the day, wearing a thick gold necklace Shen Qiang neck, in conjunction with his company's operations, code-named 006, a female colleague. This company in Hangzhou suburbs, a few houses in the low four stacked with Nike and other brand-name clothing. Shen Qiang and Zhang conversation, while 006 started using a pinhole camera, recorder for evidence. After a good price, Shen Qiang Zhang let goods sent to the northeast at his company. These goods will arrive to be destroyed. Since then, Shen Qiang put on a maintenance man hydropower clothing, sit back and wait after they squatted near the factory, watching trucks in and out of and into the warehouse, to complete the process of evidence collection. After this week, Shen Qiang and Zhang has become a friend. Shen Qiang said goods are very popular in Russia and the shop, he was prepared to feed 100 000, and will be personally handed over some of his style design, and hope to the factory to investigate, Zhang hesitated for a long time, could not help the interests of the temptation promised Shen Strong demands "cat and mouse game," this was the climax. fatal blow let Shen Qiang was a little surprised by his tailed company also supply to some of Nike, Adidas small dealers. a Shaanxi had ran Nike and Adidas Lee Chung told reporters that the dealer, the dealer, the pressure is that many brand-name companies and dealers every year new task, the task in both growth There are stringent requirements, general requirements to complete more than 30% growth, if not finish it will cancel the agent qualification. Lee Chung had been fake because the impact of a series of lost proxy Adidas and other brands. And the current grim situation is that individual dealers under pressure and temptation to sell fake entered the ranks, the general approach is that brand-name sports shoes, a true, one false mixed with selling, it is hard to detect. And let Shen Qiang little surprised that he tailed the company, about half the flow of fakes the Americas and Africa, with Zhang's words called "out of Asia, to the world." According to Guangzhou, a business affairs person in charge of the investigation, there are about 6 percent more than Nike, Adidas and other counterfeit goods have been exported to foreign countries, but the current trend is strengthening. Often these garments through the network to get in touch with overseas vendors, after all removed by the trademark brand of customs export, to a foreign country and then by the merchant to add their own trademark. the last day of February, Shen Qiang of "cat and mouse game" began to close the net, in the Guangdong factory to see the goods, Shen Qiang Zhang and local law enforcement agencies to complete a fatal blow, Shen Qiang still remember Zhang was amazed eyes: "There is to buy fake, only fake, what's wrong with me?" : through the "star + ad" brand started, and then with the help of brand advantages, rapid expansion of the market. This is the most characteristic development mode of Jinjiang enterprises. It should be said that the Jinjiang is walking in the forefront of the domestic similar enterprises in brand and marketing, but in the enterprise culture and human resources strength is insufficient, a serious shortage". Professional managers frequently job hopping, shortage of workers, corporate cohesion decline...... Are the most convincing proof. this year, XTEP, de Erhui, Qipai, Ba Jin and other enterprises have started in the management of human resources, the construction of enterprise culture of "catch-up" hope through practicing "internal strength" to maintain sustained and rapid development of enterprises. The Shanxi enterprises practicing "internal strength", we can find that most of them adopted the idea of "brain" form, including colleges and universities jointly, or an alliance with a professional consultant company. Jin enterprises have begun to practice "internal strength" more than half an hour off the office; XTEP's HR office discussion is still hot. At the beginning of April, XTEP invited well-known consulting firm for the diagnosis of enterprise human resource management and enterprise culture. After more than a month of investigation, an analysis of XTEP's human resources management and corporate culture has come out, and is now busy with the consulting company to study the next step. from the consultancy's survey report, XTEP has two major problems in enterprise internal management. One is that the organizational structure of enterprises is not smooth in horizontal communication, the sense of teamwork between departments and departments is not strong; secondly, the corporate culture of XTEP's happy work has not really formed. it is understood that the next XTEP will optimize the organizational structure in the consultant's assistance, and consulting companies will also help XTEP refine and standardize enterprise culture, and the culture into daily work of employees, making XTEP employees unique habits. in fact, like XTEP, began to pay attention to the "internal strength" of the enterprise is far more than one. Early in March this year, de Erhui in the "2007 National Marketing Conference" on the official propaganda in cooperation with the Beijing Xian Feng financial consultant. It is understood that the Xianfeng consultants will assist the formation of de Erhui into an outstanding team, and cultivate the corporate culture of de erhui. and de Erhui is different, and have taken Qipai Rimula and university cooperation way in improving the internal management of enterprises. The day before, and the Xi'an Polytechnic University Fuzhou Rimula Fashion Institute has reached a cooperation agreement, Fuzhou Institute of clothing for training Rimula middle management training is the main content of management, execution)New Balance's recently released a new version of the 580 is in the limelight, learn new pinball game design inspiration, to create superior texture of blue suede uppers, complemented by black dotted details inside the red decoration, the final selection of white bottom closure. pin-2.jpg (71.3 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance MT580 Pinball 2015-8-2 18:21 upload pin-3.jpg (57.5 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance MT580 Pinball 2015-8-2 18:21 upload pin-4.jpg (54.1 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance MT580 Pinball 2015-8-2 18:21 upload designer, deep blue, Logo, friends, personality 00??????diesel outlet online uk chrome hearts eyeglasses knight globe telecom promo mens cloths sports shoes in india outlet online uk chrome hearts eyeglasses knight " /〉 toddler sunglasses with uv protection coach pink handbag clearance online store silver designer jewellery india cheapest online silver jewelry bracelets norce face factory outlet locations sydney diesel outlet online uk chrome hearts eyeglasses knight globe telecom promo [global shoe network] New Balance's popular shoe M996 recently brought new attention to the new work. Although the design has a retro way, but at the same time, the modern forward-looking style makes shoes very prominent. Full of grey and black collocation red light presents a low-key and all-match sense, a strong sense of the overall. The material is made of pigskin suede leather, black suede, striped mesh and ENCAP midsole, suitable for low profile and reluctant to flow into the secular shoes.Sports players adidas Originals Tubular Strap new shoes & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2015-08-14 11:09:37 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network August 14 hearing, soon will launch Tubular acclaimed series of sports shoes, recently has added a "Strap" a new version. This shoe in appearance draws classic Y-3's "warrior shoes" design and use of a large area breathable mesh material constituting the body of the shoe, combined with sideways heel suede leather straps and upper straps enhance stability, finally equipped Tubular thick soles show. The new adidas Originals Tubular Strap has landed Foot Locker and other select retailers, the first wave brought a total of red and black two options, each priced at $ 132 US dollars. (. Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe brands News Recommended: Linsen & nbsp; Orem Fort) & nbsp; sweep swept away! Participate in the "Top Ten Chinese shoe brand" vote Related newsSupreme x Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+ release time determined 2013-12-08 23:43:17 Supreme x Nike yesterday just exposed Flyknit Lunar 1+ branded shoes today confirmed the sale time, it is reported that the joint attention items will begin on October 3rd landing in New York, Losangeles and London, the designated shops, then began to sale in Japan in 5, will in domestic landing also you can make nothing of it. If you want the shoes available in the country? adidas Crazy Light Boost 2016 "USA" Ha cornerstone PE Pro signed release 2016-09-23 11:45:44 adidas Crazy Light Boost 2016 "USA" Ha cornerstone PE, the current price in the market is still maintained at a considerable height. Today, the network released a pro signed version of Harden, oh, as the cornerstone of China's parents signed the shoes, it can have a very high sense of meaning oh. 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